A Beyoncé-Themed V-Day is the Best Kind of V-Day

Oh Valentine’s Day, how I lovehate you so. On one (engagement-ring-lacking) hand it’s a day for single gals like moi to binge on massive amounts of chocolate without judgement. On the other hand, it’s… Continue reading

Target Hits The Bullseye With Peter Pilotto Collaboration

Just when I’ve finally managed to create a weekly budget for myself (including a very reasonable makeup allowance…bare essentials only…and by that I mean I can buy all the makeup I want as… Continue reading

I Watched ‘The Carrie Diaries’ and Loved It…So Sue Me

There comes a time in everyone’s life (sometimes many times) when one is faced with a difficult decision. In these challenging situations, one may seek a higher power for guidance. As for me,… Continue reading

It’s Here! It’s Here! The Trailer for Beyoncé’s Upcoming HBO Documentary!

Beyoncé just cannot leave us alone lately! That GQ cover…her upcoming Super Bowl performance…the news that she’ll be performing with Destiny’s Child during her Super Bowl appearance…her new H&M partnership…I finally had to call… Continue reading

The 70th Annual Golden Globes: My Top 10 Gorgeous Gals!

“Oh, daaaahling, you look absolutely maaaahvelous in your couturrrre.” “Guuuurrrrllllll, you be WORKIN’ that dress! You lookin’ DAMN fine, okaay!” “So, like, I like totally, like LOVE that dress. Like, OH. Em. GEE.… Continue reading

Emma Watson Has Me Swooning Over Peter Pilotto’s Spring 2013 Collection

Hermione Granger may no longer be with us (honestly, I really need to get over it…it’s just…I’m finding it really…*sob*…hard…to just…*sob*…let go, ya know?) but it seems as if Emma Watson is still playing… Continue reading

It’s The Year of the Beyoncé! Silly Me, That’s EVERY Year!

It thrills me to say, history’s given us some pretty badass queens. Queen Elizabeth I, who proved that a woman (and a single woman at that!) could reign more powerful than any man; Queen… Continue reading

Celebrities Read Their Hate Tweets On Jimmy Kimmel

I’ll admit it…I’m a bit celebrity-obsessed! I follow who they’re dating, what they’re wearing, where they’re going, what they’re doing, and, like everyone else, wanted to be somewhere in Beyonce’s vicinity when she… Continue reading

It’s Official! Marc Jacobs is Creating a Beauty Line with Sephora!

What do you get when you combine the most magical place on earth with a crazy-creative, skirt-wearing, design genius? A blogger (ahem…me) who’s about to pee her new baroque-inspired trousers with excitement, that’s… Continue reading

Jennifer and Anne Stun as 2013 Cover Girls

Harper’s Bazaar UK and Vanity Fair are kicking off the New Year with a beautiful bang, snatching up two of Hollywood’s hottest It-Gals to grace the covers of their February 2013 issues. Anne… Continue reading