Read My Bag

An Olympia Le-Tan book clutch

While drinking some fancy, overpriced drink called “The Dragon” at the bar of a new hipster hotspot in town with my girlfriends the other night, I noticed something shocking! A few stools down, a crimson-lipped chick in a messy topknot sat clutching a book. Despite the fact that bringing a book to a bar seems about as sensical as bringing a boombox to a library, this wasn’t what was shocking. Assuming she was reading poetry or getting inspiration for her next dramatic novel, I was about to turn away when I saw her pop open the book, toss a pack of her own-rolled cigarettes into the center, and latch it closed. I was intrigued, so I popped off my stool to get a closer look.

It was after a good solid 30 seconds before the girl noticed me staring and decided to address my perplexed expression. “It’s a bag!” she explained, shouting over the music of Arcade Fire that was blaring from the bar’s speakers. She handed it over, giving me a closer look, and sure enough there it was – an adorable clutch in the form of a classic novel.

Actress Michelle Williams takes her Olympia Le-Tans to several red-carpet events

Before I knew it, these “book clutches” started popping up everywhere! Hollywood’s leading ladies were seen toting them around at movie premieres; Karl Lagerfeld released a coveted Chanel version…or should I say, ‘edition,’ along with Kate Spade and various other designers. However, it’s the French label, Olympia Le-Tan, that has become synonymous with these literary forms of fashion.

The French accessories designer and former Chanel employee combined her two loves – classic literature and fabulous fashion – to create these brilliant little minaudières. Taking the covers of classics such as LolitaThe Great Gatsby, Catcher in the Rye,  Dracula and countless other faves, Le-Tan transformed our beloved reads into the newest and hottest hand-held accessories!

Diane Kruger holding Chanel’s book clutch (photo courtesy of InStyle)

Olympia Le-Tan has affirmed my belief that reading is in fact cool, and thanks to her genius, I’m now not ashamed to judge a book by its cover!

Can’t afford the designers and want to learn how to make your own?! The Huffington Post shows you how! Time to hit the books, ladies!