G-Eazy (Photo by Jake Pett)

Today’s G-Eazy’s 23rd birthday and if you don’t already know him, it’s about time you do.

His real name, Gerald Earl Gillum, may carry as much cool-boy swag as Steve Urkel, but this California-born, New Orleans-based rapper is the real deal. He’s opened for the likes of Drake, Lil Wayne, and Snoop, and cites these guys, along with The Beatles and Johnny Cash as his musical inspirations.

It’s his sampling of old-school tunes set to kick-ass beats, and his 1950’s-James-Dean style that sets this rapper apart from the rest, and when he chose to finish college last year with a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Industry Studies, he proved his passion for rapping and his devotion to music. At such a young age, he’s already been on a national tour and this summer he hits the road with Vans Warped Tour.

He may not be mainstream yet, but he’s released three albums – Big (2010), The Outsider (2011), and The Endless Summer (2011) – and already has a huge following of loyal fans. You better start loving him before he really blows up, because, trust me, he’s about to.

And you’ll never hear me gush over guys, but okay…he’s a good-looking dude. If you want to be groupies, check out his website, Tumblr, or follow him on Twitter.

Here’s just a few of my favorite tracks from each of his albums. In just three years, his music’s already evolved so much.

Happy Birthday, G.