She’s back!
(Photo from The Daily Mail)

Beyoncé must have lost my address.

I mean, that’s the only logical explanation I can think of for why I didn’t get a ticket to her first post-baby concert in Atlantic City…

Oooh shoot!
(photo from The Daily Mail)

…or maybe I couldn’t get a ticket because it would have been IMPOSSIBLE! Seriously. This concert was sold out before it even existed. You thought it was hard getting a ticket to one of her shows before B got pregnant? Psshh! Since baby Blue was born, the world has been waiting for this moment. The moment when Beyoncé would return to the stage and prove that she still wears the crown as Queen B.

And she did, on May 25th, at the brand spankin’ new Revel Resort in Atlantic City. The new momma performed in front of 5,500 so-freakin’-lucky fans. We were all hoping her return would be epic. Hoping that our beloved Sasha Fierce would come out to play; that Beyoncé would still have those unbelievably amazing, bootylicious dance moves that we try to do in front of our mirrors at home but with totally different results; and yes…we were secretly hoping that she’d still be rockin’ a bit of that baby weight so that we would feel better about ourselves and see that she really is like every other woman when it comes to having a post-baby body.

Her gorgeous Ralph & Russo costumes
(photos from The Daily Mail)

But alas, my friends, Beyoncé is not like us. She is a flawless, perfect, diva-goddess whose body only improved after having a baby. She.Looked.Incredible. Donning the most stunning, custom-made Ralph & Russo costumes, B tirelessly performed 27 her most awesome songs to an amped-up crowd. Can you imagine the energy in that room?! In the words of her hubby, Jay-Z, it must have been cray! 

Jay was there, of course, and after the show he tweeted what we all already knew: “I’m gonna say this and then I’m gonna end mine. BEYONCE is the best performer in the world. Period.” Yeeeaaaaah, B!

(photo from The Daily Mail)

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