James Righton and his fiancé, Keira Knightley (photo from People.com)

Keira Knightley is ENGAGED!

…Wait, what?!

I must be seriously out of the loop. Am I the only one that feels like this engagement came completely out of the blue?! I didn’t even know she was dating this guy! I’m still recovering from her breakup with Rupert Friend! (He is so gorgey porgey. If you haven’t seen The Young Victoria you MUST. Emily Blunt is brill in it and he’s a dream.)

Anyway, it’s time that I get over Keira and Rupert’s breakup (which happened over a year ago, btw – I def need to move on) because her future husband is ADORABLE. His name is James Righton and he’s the vocalist and keyboard player for the British indie rock band, Klaxons. Apparently the couple’s been dating since April of last year after being introduced through their mutual friend, tv host/model/designer/whatever, Alexa Chung.

They make one good-looking couple, that’s for sure! And despite being totally shocked by this engagement, I couldn’t be happier for Keira! I mean, every girl deserves to have her own British rock god, right? Cheers, girly!