NEW MUSIC: Hoodie Allen

Hoodie Allen on the cover of his newest album, All American

Steven Markowitz, a.k.a. Hoodie Allen, has got a bomb new album out. It’s called All American, and it’s the 23-year-old rapper’s second EP.

Made famous for his 2010 track, “You Are Not a Robot,” which sampled Marina & the Diamonds’ “I Am Not a Robot,” the Long Island native released his most recent album a couple months ago to rave reviews. It features eight new tracks, and this time around, it’s all him – no samples.

He’s about to start touring the UK this summer and some of his shows have already sold out. The album’s already reached #1 status on iTunes, and it’s been on repeat in my car since it’s April release. It’s rare that I find an album where I like every song, and though I definitely have my favorites, I never find myself skipping over a track.

All American is a title that speaks for itself and this album is just that – a creation that showcases a real, young, American talent who’s already taken the country by storm.

Hoodie’s website, Facebook, and Twitter.

“High Again” is my favorite track followed by “No Interruption,” “No Faith in Brooklyn” and “Ain’t Gotta Work.”