TSwift as…Joni Mitchell?!

TSwift to play a young Joni Mitchell?

Remember that heartbreaking scene in Love Actually when Emma Thompson’s character finds a really lovely and expensive gold necklace in her husband’s (Alan Rickman) coat pocket and she thinks it’s for her but in fact he bought it for that wicked annoying short-haired hot chick from his office? And then Emma’s character realizes this once she opens her Christmas gift and it’s a Joni Mitchell album instead of the necklace, and she doesn’t want to break down in front of her kids so she goes into her room, puts on Joni’s song “Both Sides Now,” and bursts into tears? Ugh, it’s awful! I wanted to punch Alan Rickman in his emotionally unfaithful Snape-y face! Although, I have to admit, that’s a damn good album and Joni Mitchell is awesome, so it’s not really all that bad of a gift, right?But it’s the principle of it, garsh darnit!

Emma Thompson in Love Actually

I remember watching that movie for the first of many, many times, and after sufficiently bawling my eyes out during that scene, I asked my dad who the singer of that song was. After revealing that it was folksinger, Joni Mitchell, I immediately downloaded “Both Sides Now” and cried in my own room, feeling dramatically heartbroken and hurt that my husband was seeing someone else! Once I realized that I didn’t actually have a husband, I dried my tears and began my own love affair with Joni Mitchell. Figuratively speaking.

Now, guess who is rumored to play the musical legend in a biopic based on a Joni Mitchell biography called, Girls Like Us, by Sheila Weller?! TAYLOR SWIFT! The biography also documents the lives of two other musical legends, Carly Simon and Carole King, and Alison Pill has already been cast as the latter. Katie Jacobs has signed on as director of the film, which will be written by John Sayles.If the rumor is true, I can’t wait to see TSwift as a young Joni Mitchell! Swift may not look exactly like Joni, but with the help of some movie magic, I think she could definitely pull it off. And at least she won’t have to learn how to play guitar! But will they voice train Taylor to change her perky, girly voice to Joni’s lilting tone, or will they just have her lip sing? And is TSwift even a good actress?! If her acting chops in Valentine’s Day are any indication…oh boy, this could be a very very bad thing.

But I have faith in TSwift. The chick knows music and I’m sure she’s a fan of Joni Mitchell, so I believe she’ll do her best to do the legendary folksinger justice. And if she doesn’t? Well, then we’ll just have to pretend the movie never happened…just like Valentine’s Day.