New Movie: To Rome With Love

How’s this for a cast…Penélope Cruz, Ellen Page, Jesse Eisenberg, Alec Baldwin, Alison Pill, Roberto Benigni (from the bawl-your-eyes-out classic Life is Beautiful), and of course, the director and star of the film, the wonderfully quirky and hysterical, Woody Allen.

Penelope and Woody on set of To Rome With Love

Now picture this…Penélope Cruz as a gorgeous (obviously) Italian prostitute, Ellen Page as a self-confessed sex fiend (whaaaat?!), Jesse Eisenberg as the boyfriend of Ellen Page’s best friend and also Ellen’s next sexual conquest, Alec Baldwin as Jesse’s “adviser,” Alison Pill as Woody Allen’s daughter, Roberto Benigni as an Italian celebrity, and Woody Allen as…well…Woody Allen. (From the trailer it looks like his character will be the same off-beat, neurotic man that Woody always plays, and in reality, actually is, and we absolutely adore him for it!)

Did I mention this all takes place in Rome?!

I’m nearly jumping out of my skin to see this movie, which comes out this month (June 22nd)! I think it’s going to be the perfect summer flick filled with romance, laughs, and inevitable chaos. And since it’s looking like I won’t be able to experience my own Italian romance this summer (bummer), a figurative fling with my favorite kooky director’s latest film will do just fine!

Here’s the trailer for To Rome With Love!