Snow White and the Huntsman, a.k.a. Snow White and the Eyebrows

Kristen Stewart as Snow White

Here are my three favorite things about the new film, Snow White and the Huntsman:

1. Chris Hemsworth (for reasons related to god-like hotness).

2. Charlize Theron’s “evil queen” costumes (for reasons related to dung beetles).

3. Kristen Stewart’s eyebrows (for reasons related to…umm…perfectness?)

When Chris Hemsworth was cast as demi-god superhero, Thor, women (and presumably gay men) around the world gave a resounding, “DUHHH,” followed by a “thank GOD!” or, more specifically, “thank THOR!” In his most recent role as the sexy, I-only-wear-animal-skins huntsman in director Rupert Sanders’ Snow White and the Huntsman, it’s clear that Hemsworth is worthy of worship. The dude’s smokin’. Not only that, but when you look beyond his long, luscious, perfectly-dirtied locks (phwoaaar), and those beautiful, big, baby blues (swooon) you realize, “Wow, this hunk of a hero can act!Snow White and the Huntsman won’t be remembered for any Oscar-worthy performances, but Chris Hemsworth steals the show, playing the role of heart-broken huntsman to a T…or rather an H-O-T (hehehe).

Another thing this new film did right, besides cast Chris Hemsworth, was hire the enormously talented costume designer, Colleen Atwood. She’s designed and created costumes for more than 56 Hollywood films including Edward Scissorhands, Chicago, Memoirs of a Geisha, and, more recently, Alice in Wonderland and Dark Shadows. Her costumes have been nominated for nine Oscars, three of which she’s won, and her most recent work for Snow White and the Huntsman definitely deserves a round of applause, even if those hands giving the applause may be covered in bandaids! I’ll explain.

Atwood’s dung beetle-embellished gown and Charlize wearing it in the film (right)

Dung beetles are considered a delicious and nutritious treat in Thailand, and after traveling to the country in search of inspiration for Snow White, Colleen Atwood found a new use for these yummy (or so they say) insects. The designer used the beetles’ beautiful, metallic-turquoise shells as embellishments for an exquisite, floor-length gown worn by Charlize Theron, the evil queen in the film. Although the costume can only be appreciated for a mere moment on screen, it definitely makes an impact. Meant to reflect the evil queen’s “physical and psychic decay,” the shells do more than enhance Charlize’s character…they make the dress an actual weapon! Dung beetle shells are so sharp, that Atwood and her team of sewers had to wear gloves to prevent their fingers from getting pricked! These little additions were almost as dangerous as the queen herself! Now how badass it that?!

But my favorite thing about the film has to be Kristen Stewart’s eyebrows.

Stewart’s eyebrows in Snow White and the Huntsman

Now, before I continue, I should probably confess my obsession with eyebrows. I’ve been known to compliment complete strangers sporting beautifully-arched brows, and although these women are often a little taken off guard by my somewhat unusual compliment, I like to think that it’s one of the best compliments I can give! This is because the power of eyebrows cannot be denied. When eyebrows are done right, or shaped correctly, they can frame a woman’s face in the most flattering way, not to mention that perfectly groomed brows evoke a natural beauty that cannot be accomplished with makeup. A woman’s hair could be a total mess, her outfit lacking style, but if the woman rocks some well-groomed brows, she automatically looks put-together and chic.

In Snow White and the Huntsman, Kristen Stewart’s eyebrows are amazeballs! Her makeup artist for the film, Stacey Panepinto, filled in the actress’s usually pencil-thin brows and even extended them a bit. The result? Full, dark, gorgeous brows with a natural and subtle arch that perfectly suited the actress’s oval face. Her beautiful brows made her bright green eyes pop, and paired with her flawless, fair skin, they made the young actress look positively gorgeous. Kristen Stewart is a babe, but I’ve never seen her look as good as she does in this film. I raise a glass…no, better yet, an arch to you, Stacey Panepinto! You are an eyebrow genius and I, along with Kristen Stewart’s brows, thank you!