My Songs on Repeat

Rule of thumb regarding new, good tuneage: Don’t overplay.

Well, rules are meant to be broken. These are my new favorite songs that I have on repeat. Feel free to have a listen. And then another. And another. And another. Enjoy.

Need Your Love – Sol feat. Ray Dalton

Sol Moravia-Rosenberg, or Sol for short, is an up-and-coming hip hop artist from Seattle, Washington. His newly released album, Yours Truly, has critics buzzing, and right now I’m all about this track. It features 21-year-old and fellow Seattle musician, Ray Dalton, whose voice I would marry if I could. This song is so silky smooth and melty I can’t even handle it. The only way to listen to it is on full blast.

212 – Azealia Banks feat. Lazy Jay

Harlem rapper, Azealia Banks, is one bad ass mo fo…even in a Mickey Mouse sweater. The 21-year-old is about to release her EP, 1991, this summer, and I cannot wait. Her first single, 212, is all you need to get a taste of what this rapper’s dishing out. The song is so dirty, it could make even Nicki Minaj blush, but pretty soon you’ll be singing every word (and singing them proud). The real love happens at 1:46.

Grown Up – Danny Brown

Detroit, Michigan rapper, Danny Brown, has just served up the perfect summer song to cruise to and possibly the best music video I’ve ever seen. Child kidnapping is frowned upon, but I’m about to steal this little kid in the video and make him my new best friend.

Loaded – DJ Carnage feat. G-Eazy

So. addicted. to. this. song. DJ Carnage lives up to his name and completely slays this track. G-Eazy kills it, too…obviously. The sweetness drops about 20 seconds in.

Rappin A$$ Rappers – MOD SUN, Meta, and G-Eazy

You can’t buy swag, people. You either have it or you don’t. These three rappers already do, but for the rest of us who don’t (and by us I mean you), just listening to this song will do the trick.