New Music from Beach House

Beach House’s new album is called, Bloom

When I first heard Beach House, I filed them under the musical category, “relax” on my iPod. I listened to them when I was sleepy, and dubbed them my lullaby band. That is, until I saw them in concert. A friend of mine invited me to see them at a small venue in Boston, and with ground floor tickets sold at about $15 a pop, I thought, “Why not?” I walked into that show with low expectations and left completely blown away. Now I play them on the regular, not just in preparation for a good snooze.

The band from Baltimore gave one of the best live performances I’ve ever seen, if not the best, that night. The band’s two members, Alex Scally on keyboards and guitar, and Victoria Legrand on vocals and organ (yes, organ) were so good, that if you closed your eyes, you’d think you were listening to a full orchestra. The sound was amazing, and it was all them – no fancy frills, just fine instrumentals.

Alex Scally and Victoria Legrand

Victoria’s voice is hypnotic, and she’s about the coolest hipster chick around – likely due to her French-American upbringing (she calls Paris and Philly home). She met Alex in Baltimore in 2006, and six years and four albums later, Beach House remains one of the most authentic bands around. Their sound, described as “dream pop,” hasn’t changed much over the years, but this is what I like most about Beach House – their music always sounds like Beach House.

Their newest album, Bloom, which was just released last month, is pretty much a continuation of their last album, Teen Dream, and I couldn’t be happier. Teen Dream was such an amazing album, and Bloom sounds like it won’t be any less. If you haven’t heard Teen Dream, I highly recommend it, especially the tracks “Take Care,” “Zebra,” and “10 Mile Stereo.” My favorites on Bloom are currently “Lazuli, “The Hours,” and “On the Sea,” but, like any Beach House album, you could listen to the whole thing from start to finish without skipping a track. Beach House is awesome to listen to when you just want to chill. And though I no longer listen to them solely for sleep-inducing purposes, Beach House will still provide you with the best lullaby you’ve ever heard.