New Movie: Farewell, My Queen (Spoiler: Marie Antoinette’s a Lesbian!)

Diane Kruger (right) as Marie Antoinette and Virginie Ledoyen as Gabrielle de Polignac in Farewell, My Queen

The famous (or rather infamous) 18th-century French queen, Marie Antoinette has been called many things. The Frenchies, during her rule, referred to her as greedy, deceitful, a gambler, and a…umm…well…a class A bitch. We glamour-obsessed Americans like to refer to her more as a fashionista, a trendsetter, an attractive woman resembling Kirsten Dunst, or simply just a rich chick who must have had a closet to die for (literally). Benoît Jacquot, the director of the new film, Farewell, My Queen, has added another description to the long list of characterizations…lesbian.

Excusez-moi, Monsieur?

Yes, my friends, la reine was actually la lezzy. Or at least that’s what Jacquot is saying in his new film starring the lovely Diane Kruger (love love love her) as Marie Antoinette. Also starring in the film is up-and-coming French actress, Léa Seydoux (who you may recognize from Midnight in Paris, or more recently, Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocolas Sidonie Laborde, the queen’s reader. However, Seydoux isn’t playing the croissant of the queen’s eye. This role belongs to Virginie Ledoyen, who will be playing the historically scandalous Gabrielle de Polignac, the queen’s lady-in-waiting (or the lady-no-longer-waiting if you know what I mean). Supposedly the two were lovers, and Jacquot’s new film tells the story of their relationship during the last days of the French Revolution. And from the trailer, it looks as though we have a little love triangle on our hands. It appears that Sidonie wants the queen all to herself and gets a little jelly once Gabby comes along. Ooh la laaaa, le plot thickens.

The film has already won critical acclaim at all the big movie festivals this year, and it’s sure to be a flick for everyone. All us gals will love listening to two hours of dialogue set in the language of luuuurrrrve, not to mention watching what will surely be the year’s best film for the most fabulous costumes, and the guys can look forward to possible girl on girl action! It’s a win-win as they say!

I love a good period piece and this one looks like a doozy! Scandal? Oui. Action? Oui. Romance? Oui oui! Aaah, Benoît Jacquot, merci!