The Sexy Swede better known as Alexander Skarsgård

Alexander the Great

You know how some guys have really hot names? Ones that you hear and think, Wow, he just sounnnds beautiful! I Googled, “hot guy names” and 123,000,000 results came up so I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one that thinks this is a real thing. Here’s some of the name results: AxelBradColeDanteJakeYuji (I’m not kidding), and Troy (I’m assuming they had Troy Bolton in mind, circa High School Musical 3…don’t act like you don’t know who that is).

It can be slightly disappointing when the guy doesn’t live up to his hot name. It’s a shame really. I once met a guy whose name was James Bond. Seriously. Needless to say he, uh, wasn’t the James Bond type.

I believe some parents have a gift in which they can tell, when their son is born, whether or not he’s going to be good-looking and so they name him accordingly. I believe the parents of Alexander Skarsgård had this such gift.

…and he has a way with animals. (photo from his Bullett photo shoot)

The man’s a 6 foot 4 beautifulgorgeyperfectamazing Swede whose last name makes you say “aaarrgh” when you pronounce it. (I usually like to add a kitty claw gesture for effect). His last name even has that cool foreign doohickey thing over the “a” which immediately makes anyone seem awesome and cultured. And Alexander Skarsgård’s first name isn’t pronounced “Aleck-ZANDER,” it’s “Alecksaahnder,” all soft and sexy-like.

Alexander Skarsgård (I literally can’t stop saying his name) is in his thirties, but began his acting career when he was just a little 7-year-old Swedish meatball. He’s most known for his current acting gig, playing the smokin’-hot, 1000-year-old, badass-Viking vampire, Eric Northman, on HBO’s mega-hit show, True Blood. It’s fifth season just premiered this past Sunday, (ohmygawd, it was amazeballs!) and although it’s one of my favorite shows, if the writers ever decide to kill off Eric Northman, I will boycott True Blood. My eyes will ache for his presence on screen and I’ll probably start crying blood just like the vamps do on the show.

Whether you’re into the vampire phenomenon or not, you can’t deny…Alexander Skarsgård is bloody gore-gous.

Oh, did I mention he speaks fluent German? And French. And Swedish. (Obviously.)

Here’s the behind-the-scenes shoot Alexander did for Details magazine last year. I’d say fast forward to 00:26, but the whole shoot is just a feast for the eyes, so why bother really?