Oh em gee, there’s going to be a prequel to Monsters, Inc.!

I didn’t think my generation (those that saw the first Toy Story in theaters) could love Pixar any more, but then this little golden nugget of news came along! My fellow Pixar lovers, I am thrilled/excited/overjoyed/seriouslyobsessingover the prequel to Monsters, Inc., called Monsters University! It’s going to be released next summer and the trailer for it just arrived today!

Mike and Sulley are college bros!

As the title suggests, we’ll join Sulley and Mike (cue Boo’s voice in your head saying “Miiiike WaZOWSKI!”) at the University of Fear, where they both attended college and where they were prepared for future jobs at Monsters, Incorporated (they scare because they care). We’re going to get to see how the best buds first met, and apparently, their adorable little bromance didn’t quite start off as one…

Now it is still Pixar, so don’t expect to see any of the typical, R-rated college behavior being carried out on screen (you know exactly what I mean my fellow graduates and undergraduates), but I’m guessing monsters are some of the fiercest partiers around! And if I’ve done my math right and calculated Mike and Sulley’s decade of education, I think we can expect some hilarious 80’s flashbacks – check out Sulley blasting Spandau Ballet’s True at a party at the end of the trailer!

The idea for this movie is so genius, that only Pixar’s brillo (make-people-of-every-age-unabashedly-bawl-their-eyes-out-in-a-public-theater) team could come up with it! We already know it’s going to be ah-mazing, because Pixar could never disappoint us! And by “us” I mean my generation, Pixar’s biggest and truest fans, who clearly this film is dedicated to! 😉