Emma Stone’s been KILLIN’ It On the Carpet!

Wearing Elie Saab

In Gucci

That’s it. They’re going to have to rename The Amazing Spider-man, The Amazing Emma Stone.This chick’s been absolutely dominating the red carpet recently. She’s currently on tour promoting her new film alongside Mr. Spidey himself, the adorable, beautifully-accented, phwoaaaar of a man, Andrew Garfield. Together, they make the most so-cute-you-want-to-vom-but-love-them-too-much-to couple, but it’s obvious that Emma Stone is perfectly capable of stealing the show all by her flawlessly-styled self.

Every city is a new designer, and every appearance is utterly and stylistically on-point: modern and chic in J. Brand and Rag & Bone (NYC); classic and ethereal in Emilio Pucci (Moscow); vampy and sexy in Gucci (Paris, obviously); streamlined yet quirky in Roksanda Ilincic (Madrid); and, my personal fave, poised/gorgey/elegant/stunning/goddess-like/and every other amazing adjective in Elie Saab (London).

(left) J. Brand leather top, Rag & Bone jeans, and Christian Louboutin heels; (middle) Roksanda Ilincic; (right) Emilio Pucci

What’s so awesome about Emma is that she’s constantly switching up her look and taking daring fashion risks, yet she always pulls it off. And her makeup? Stop it. She rocked pink eyeshadow – PINK EYESHADOW!! – with near-purple lipstick and looked fierce! (And I mean Beyoncé fierce, not oh man, that unibrow is FIERCE, fierce.) 

Emma’s fun, young, easy-going personality and lovable nature are certainly part of the reason why she can pull off so many different looks, not to mention the gal’s gorgeous, but kudos must also go to her fabulous stylist, Petra Flannery, who’s able to put together looks that perfectly complement the location in which they’re being worn. Her NYC look was so New York…her Paris look, so Paris! This is red carpet fashion at its best, people – a seamless blending of two worlds: the movie world and the fashion world. Emma’s playing a different character in every city, but it’s done so well, it doesn’t seem like acting at all!

Now that’s amazing.