Did You Guys Watch the Beyoncé Awards Last Night? I mean, the BET Awards?

Last night was all about Bey

See, this is why I love BET. They know what’s important…or rather who’s important.

On a daily basis I find myself asking, WWBD (What Would Beyoncé Do?) Most of the time I have to make assumptions because Beyoncé and I haven’t perfected our telepathic connection quite yet (it’s coming, though, I’m sure of it). So last night, while watching the BET Awards, I was thrilled to be able to give my sixth sense a rest! That’s because during nearly every performance, every speech, every major moment, the camera immediately cut to Beyoncé to get her reaction, her singing along to songs, her crying during Whitney’s tribute, her loving/teasing/adorable interactions with her hubby, Jay. It was glorious!

Kim K. looking a bit out of place among the tight trio of Bey, Hov, and Kanye

BET sat Bey front row next to Solange, Jay, Kanye, and…ugh…do I have to say it?…K-K-Kim Kardashian. Is this for real, people? Are she and Bey really hanging out? Really? My theory is this was Kim’s plan all along: get together with Kanye and then work her way in, inching closer and closer to the Beyhive until she became buddy-buddy, or rather bee-y-bee-y with Beyoncé. She looked a bit odd sitting there, and not because she was the only white person in the audience. Today gossip sites were all a-buzz (hehe), saying Beyoncé and Solange were shooting daggers at Kim and talking trash, and that’s why Kim looked so out of the loop. Umm, excuuuse me gossipers, but Beyoncé does not have time to talk trash about anyone. She is too busy being fabulous and amazing.

Beyoncé may have only won two awards last night – Best Female R&B Artist and Video Director of the Year for “Party feat. J. Cole” – but I’m not the only one who thought the show was all about Bey. Check out a compilation of Beyoncé’s best moments from last night!

Beyoncé Best Moments BET AWARDS 2012 @BeyonceTribe from BeyonceTribe on Vimeo.