Leo DiCaprio’s Supermodel GF Gives Us Mere Mortals Dating Advice

One-handed romantic bike riding (showoff)

Erin Heatherton, one of Victoria’s Secret’s beautiful bombshells, sat down with

Leo only has eyes for his girl (thanks alot, Erin!)

Glamour to dish out a bit of dating advice for all us single dating gals. And she would know…she is dating our beloved Leo DiCaprio, after all! The ever-present paparazzi have snapped the two on their own dates, which (quite unfairly) resemble the kind of dates that glossy girly magazines recommend for us, but ones we’d never actually carry out, due to fear of our dates laughing in our faces at how cheesy we are. Bike rides in Central Park (perfect, hair-tossing breeze included), staring into each other’s eyes during a lunch date at hip NYC restaurant, Candela, and seeing hot Broadway musicals together (VIP box-seating, no doubt).

I must say, I was quite surprised when Erin’s first piece of dating advice wasn’t “Be a Victoria’s Secret supermodel.” But beyond the beautiful, golden, perfectly-highlighted locks, the subtley smokey blue eyes, and skin so glowy we need sunscreen just to look at it, the girl’s got some sound advice! Take a look!

Now, just hand over Leo, you bikini babe, and no one gets hurt!