Amy Poehler Gets Even More Awesome (Is that even possible?!)

Amy Poehler is one of my favorite people on earth. She stars as the utterly awesome Leslie Knope in Parks and Recreation (the best thing to emerge from NBC, in my opinion), and from time to time she’ll make a guest appearance on Saturday Night Live, reminding us why we first fell in love with her.

Now, she’s created a new project to further increase her level of amazingness. It’s a new web series on her YouTube channel, “Smart Girls,” a channel that “celebrates girls, friendships, and spontaneous dance parties!” Amy’s segment is called “Ask Amy.” The comedian/goddess of wisdomosity will be answering questions sent in by her fans, asking for her advice. In the first episode that just debuted, Amy addresses a 14-year-old girl who feels she needs to wear makeup to be pretty. Amy’s answer is perfection, of course. My favorite part? Amy talks to us while lounging in her sweats in bed at home, with little to no makeup on herself, and is so down-to-earth, you’d think you were personally Skyping with your best girlfriend.

Amy’s the coolest!