It’s Time to Worship that Other Famous Knowles Sister

You guys know how much I love Beyoncé, but I am currently totally 

girl-crushing on her sister, Solange.

Solange Knowles has a cool factor of about…umm…a gagillion and infinity. A true indie chick, she rocks braids down to her hips when she’s not workin’ her gorgeous fro, she sings, she writes, she models, and she’s one of the hottest, most in-demand DJs around, spinning beats for fashion parties and Hollywood hotspots alike.

You’d think having Beyoncé as a sister, there’d be a shadow cast the size of Roc Nation, but Solange is very much her own brand of amazing. The girl’s gorgeous and talented, obviously, but what makes her so unique, and the reason why I adore this chick to pieces, is her incredible style. The only way I could describe it is hipster-glam with a 1970’s boho-chic vibe and it’s fabulous! Solange is the type of style maven who could wear something that would look totally ridiculous on

anyone else, but on her it’s stunning. And Solange’s number one style accessory? Color CoLor COLOR. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her in all black. If Solange isn’t

wearing an explosion, or at least a pop of color, it can’t be branded Solangestyle (my very own word for her incredible fashion sense).

Solange’s Twitter, Instagram (which she calls, “Mydamnstagrams” – love it!), and her blog, My Damn Blog, are like little visual diaries that I am constantly stalking. What’s even better? Every once in a while she’ll post a pic of her and her big sis, creating a bit of epic visual magic, and it makes me feel closer to her…to Beyoncé. I mean, Solange! No, Beyoncé! It’s official. I’ve caught Knowles fever!