New Movie Trailer – Oz: The Great and Powerful

I have a confession to make and I think it has the potential to make me an enemy of classic American movie culture.

Okay I’m just going to say it. I didn’t like The Wizard of Oz. I knowwww! I’m sorrryyyy! But when I first saw it, I was so creeped out! The flying monkeys, the munchkins with the scary hairdos and hideous outfits, the freaky music, and Dorothy’s creepily costumed pals…eek! They gave me the heebie jeebies! Of course, I don’t have a bad thing to say about the flawless Judy Garland, as Dorothy, and her adorable puppy, Toto. Do you forgive me?

Now there’s a new Wizard of Oz that’ll be hitting theaters early next year, and after seeing the trailer for Oz: The Great and Powerful, I’m willing to put aside all my negative feelings towardthe original and embrace what’s supposed to be the prequel to the classic story written by L. Frank Baum.

Starring some of my faves – James Franco, Michelle Williams, Mila Kunis, and Rachel Weisz – Oz: The Great and Powerful, tells how the famous wizard got his start and how he became ruler of the magical Land of Oz. Michelle Williams, Mila Kunis, and Rachel Weisz play three witches of Oz, Michelle playing the most culturally famous, Glinda. They warmly greet Franco, who plays Oscar Diggs, when he first arrives in Oz, but as Franco’s character becomes more powerful and craves more fortune and fame, the witches begin to see the wizard in a new light – and not in a good way.

Since it’s a product of Disney, it’s going to be a family film. The movie has a Tim Burton feel to it – super colorful and imaginative and totally over-the-top, but it’s actually directed by Sam Raimi who’s mostly worked on horror films (besides directing the Spider-man trilogy). Does this mean there’ll be a creepy quality to it? Oh, I hope not! Not again! I really want to be a Wizard of Oz fan, you guys! Hopefully this new film will sway me. Take a look!