Meet Every Zit’s Greatest Enemy: Nelsons Pure and Clear Acne Gel (Recommended by Goddess Gisele)

Hello! Hello! Just returned from a bit of a skin hiatus. About a week ago it came that time again (much much much too soon really) when my skin goes into a nervy spaz and I’m thrown into an epic battle equivalent of climbing Mount Everest…the mount, or better yet mountains, being ginormous honking zits that have decided to set up real estate on my face. In the most beloved locations I must add – the very center of my forehead (bullseye!), and a lovely little (not) arrangement on my chin.

Usually I bury the suckers under about a zillion layers of my most “natural” makeup…the key word being “natural,” and by “natural” I mean a crusty peeling mess that draws the eye to the very thing I’m trying to cover up. I throw on a wide-brimmed hat that casts a lovely dark shade over my face, throw on my biggest pair of Chanel sunnies, and try to avoid any kind of human interaction, especially with young children…like the ones I babysit, who so lovingly like to point to the menacing spots on my face and ask, “What are those things?” God bless those little darlings.

However this time around I said, “Enough is enough! I shall accept the fact that I get zits! I shall step out into the world, zits ablaze, chin and forehead out, and yell, ‘I am human! I get pimples!”

…HA! Right. No, instead, I frantically flipped through every beauty magazine and searched every website for the best zit banishers, only to discover what I already know. Treat with salicylic acid…benzoyl peroxide…blah blah blah. Yes, I know. But, dear sources, can you provide me with a product labeled, Miracle cream that zaps zits overnight whilst providing a layer of impenetrable magic that prevents you from ever getting a pimple ever again? No? Thought so.

Then I came across an old interview with superhuman supermodel Gisele Bundchen (better pronounced Gisele Bun-mumble-mumble by those closest to me), where she reveals her favorite acne treatment, or the one someone else told her to say to make it seem like she gets zits, too. I’m onto you, Gisele! Anyway, “she” recommended Nelsons Pure & Clear Acne Treatment Gel from the UK-based company that’s been producing natural medicines for a thousand years (or since 1860 specifically). Gisele claimed the formula zapped her zits quickly without being drying or irritating. I was intrigued. Also, I’ll take any supermodel tip that’s thrown my way for free. I’m shameless I tell you!

I did a bit more research on the product, which seemed to get rave reviews from other mere mortals like myself, and hopped onto immediately to see if it was available. I was a bit nervy about what the price would be. I figured if it was supermodel-approved it’d also be price dis-approved by me. But it was only $7.00! Hazzaah! I added it to my basket and checked out immediately. BEST. DECISION. EVER.

I applied it to my heavy-duty underground zits and by the next morning…nearly GONE! The miracle gel does exactly what it says it does…reduces redness and swelling almost immediately using the natural ingredients Tea Tree, Arnica, Calendula, Hypericum, and Sulfur (ingredients from special magic plants). No matter how many times I apply it, my skin won’t dry out or get red and irritated. AMAZING! And I’ve passed it on to my sis and a couple of my friends and they’ve all been amazed as well! Zits that usually take weeks to heal are gone in a few days! It seems too good to be true, my friends, but it is. You must must must try this little magic gel treatment! I am so in love.

Fountain of youth? Pshh! Who needs that when you can snag a $7.00 miracle gel that zaps your zitty problems and allows you to say, “I am on the same beauty level as Gisele Bun-mumble-mumble!”