What’s Better Than A Ghost Story? A CELEBRITY One!

Casper, the friendly ghost!

I loooooove ghost stories, and I believe in them as much as I believe in aliens (which do exist and they are coming for us, people!) I’ve never come across any ghosts…knock on wood!…but my aunt, who lives in a centuries-old mansion has told me countless stories about her ghosts, and I believe every word! Even those that have stayed at her house – my gram, my cousins, my dad – all have ghost stories, each equally creepy! I have three major important requirements when I go visit my aunt at her haunted mansion. 1. It must be during daylight hours. 2. I must be wearing running shoes in case a ghost decides to charge. 3. I never go upstairs.

Apparently celebrities – they’re just like us! – have some paranormal encounters, as well! If you don’t believe in ghost stories told by regular people you must believe in those told by celebrities! If only because we all know that if we were ghosts, we’d want to haunt the rich and famous and hang out in their walk-in-closets so we could try on all their ah-mazzing clothes without even having to undo a button! Ghosts can just walk through an outfit and voila! Effortless dress-up!

Celebuzz, my go-to website for all the best celebrity dirt and comments on inappropriate/self-obsessed celeb Twitpics – Rihanna, we know you have a hot bod, stop rubbing it in! One naked photo is enough! – just posted some awesome celebrity ghost stories so I thought I’d share my faves with you! Wait until you read the one about Heath Ledger. It gave me chills!



Demi Lovato told the Mack at Night radio show that she had a ghost encounter in her home when she was younger. Lovato reveals when she was eight years old she saw a little girl in her closet dressed in clothes from the 1800s.” -Celebuzz.com





“Michelle Williams claims the ghost of ex-fiance Heath Ledger has visited her twice since his death. The first time she saw the ‘Dark Knight’ star three months after his death moving furniture in her bedroom. The second time Williams said Ledger apologized for not helping with raising their daughter Matilda.” -Celebuzz.com





“While preparing for her movie, ‘Introducing Dorothy Dandridge,’ which tells the story of the first black actress to be nominated for an Academy Award, Halle Berry told Ebony Magazine that once filming for the TV movie had completed, she took one of the costumes home with her and saw a figure in front of the dress in her closet before going to bed.” -Celebuzz.com





“After seeing a ghost in his uncle Francis Ford Coppola’s attic, actor Nicolas Cage refuses to stay overnight at his home. He remembers one night seeing the door in front of his bed open and seeing a woman’s silhouette standing in the doorway.” -Celebuzz.com




“Kate Hudson revealed on the DVD extras of her movie, The Skeleton Key, that she has seen several ghosts at a haunted house her mother, Goldie Hawn, had rented in London. Another time, she says that her grandmother came to her while she was sleeping and she woke up feeling “amazing” that she was around her.” -Celebuzz.com




“‘Gossip Girl’ star Taylor Momsen told People that she has photos to prove shes seen a ghost. While on a ghost hunting adventure in her mom’s hometown of Devil’s Lake, North Dakota, she took two images of a ghost in her next-door neighbors home. One photo of a hand on a typewriter and one of a silhouette in a window.” -Celebuzz.com





“In 2003 Matthew McConaughey admitted he had a ghost living in his new home in Hollywood. He at first was “freaked out” by the ghost, but eventually named her Madame Blue and told ‘The Sun’ they “get along just fine.” -Celebuzz.com



Pretty spooky, huh? I mean, I always thought that the only celebrity who knew a ghost was Hilary Duff, and she was lucky! At least Casper was a friendly ghost!

To read all the celeb ghost stories check out http://www.celebuzz.com/photos/celebrity-supernatural-stories/demi-lovato-celebrity-supernatural-stories-pacific-coast-news/