JLaw’s new hair is so gorgey I want to weep!

JLaw at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival

This is her bf…yeah.

You love Jennifer Lawrence. I love Jennifer Lawrence. Nicholas Hoult (her unbelievably good-looking British bf) loves Jennifer Lawrence. WE ALL LOVE JENNIFER LAWRENCE! She’s freaking KATNISS EVERDEEN for braid’s-sake! Which means she’s badass. It also means the natural blonde must occasionally go brunette when it’s time for her to strap on her bow and arrow for the film versions of The Hunger Games trilogy, which, we all know, is one of the few popular book series in which it is not deemed totally embarrassing to be seen reading the books in public. We can publicly indulge in our Hunger Games addiction without feeling the need to restrict these literary gems to our thank-gawd-nobody-can-see-what-we’re-reading Kindles. The Hunger Games books are amazing. Nuff said.

Now back to the girl’s hair. Apparently, before she went brunette for the role as Katniss, JLaw wore brown wigs (worth $30,000!!) until she felt comfortable actually dying her naturally gorgey blonde locks brown. Needless to say, the chick could tell everyone she’s “a natural brunette” and we’d all believe her. Jennifer looks amazing as a brunette…and as a blonde…and probably as a redhead. Gawd, she’s perfect! 

When she stepped onto the red carpet at the Toronto International Film Festival a couple of days ago, Jennifer showed up with brown locks yet again. This time, JLaw broke the scales of total-amazing-gorgeyness with her new dark do. Apparently, she’s dyed it for a role in the upcoming film, Silver Linings Playbook, but I think she should hang onto this stunning shade after the film wraps! To complement the deep, rich brown, the actress paired her new strands with lovely, glossy, berry-stained lips – PERFECT! She wore the style straight on the red carpet but later, during a press release, she gave her ends a bit of a curl. Both ways look amazing. Needless to say, I’m dying my hair tomorrow. Will I look like Jennifer Lawrence? HA! Get real. But I’m thinking if I put it into a braid a la Katniss and hang around with squirrels and such, I’ll feel closer to her.