I’ll Have My Wine and Wear it Too

The Rosé

Every once and a while, something special comes into a girl’s life that seems to make everything complete.

Ladies, feast your eyes on Volére wine – boxed wine in the shape of a…HANDBAG! It may just be the most brilliant idea since…well…wine.


The Pinot Grigio

Boxed wine is glorious, but let’s face it – it’s not the most elegant of sorts. It practically screams, “I’m here and I’m ready to get SLOSHED.” Thankfully, the sober brains behind the inexpensive but delicious vino brand, Volére – those smart, smart, classy Italians – truly understand a girl’s need to party fabulously, and have therefore come up with their own drinkable handbag collection!

The white purse is filled with a yummy Pinot Grigio, the gorgeous red a fruity Merlot/Pinot Noir, and the pretty pink a flowery Rosé! And hold on to your handbags ladies (no honestly, try not to spill) because these fashionable wines only cost…$12.99! AND the purses are filled with the equivalent of not one but two bottles of wine! That’s more than your last ridiculously expensive designer handbag can say!

The Merlot

Now you’re probably asking, “Where can I buy something so totally amazeballs?!” Right here on Stew Leonard’s Wines or at the grocery store’s retail locations!

A classy girl can handle her booze. And by that I mean she can hold it by its handle.