Why Victoria Beckham will always be my favorite Spice Girl

Modest and adorable after her Spring 2013 RTW runway show

If you’re anything like me, whenever you hear a celebrity announce that he or she is starting his or her own clothing line, you find it extremely difficult to prevent an uncontrollable eye roll. You may also recognize this feeling when a celebrity announces that he or she is launching a fragrance. Good lordy, must they?! Another one?!

However, along with Gwen Stefani, Victoria Beckham is one celebrity who has shown that despite being a singing Spice Girl and the wife to one of the hottest athletes in the world, fashion is the field in which she undeniably belongs!

I’ve always loved Victoria. I idolized her as Posh because she was the sexy one with the spicy attitude to match her fabulous wardrobe, and she rocked a blunt bob before it was considered trendy! Victoria is even my go-to name whenever I am dragged and drunkenly persuaded to sing karaoke! And who hasn’t tried striking one of her famous poses seen on the red carpet sans smile?! Girl, you’re fierce! (And hilarious, I might add. You gotta follow her on Twitter!)

The Spice Girl-turned-fashion designer debuted her DVB denim collection in 2007, but it wasn’t until her Spring 2009 collection of Victoria Beckham dresses that made the fashion world “stop” (hehe…I couldn’t resist!) and pay attention. Victoria Beckham was (and still is) the best live model for her clothes. Her style and taste is impeccable, and her pieces reflect this. Her body-hugging dresses are easily identifiable, but they’re not just some more body-con dresses to fill a runway. Victoria Beckham’s pieces are beautifully structured, the tailoring brilliant, and the clean designs themselves continuously strike the difficult balance of being elegantly timeless and perfectly modern and on trend. And what I admire most about Victoria? She’s actually doing the work! She’s as much of a designer as the top names in the business, a part of every single aspect of the creation process. In other words, she’s not merely sticking her name on a line and taking credit for the hard work done by others.

In her most recent collection to hit New York Fashion Week (her Spring 2013 RTW line), the ever-evolving designer showed impressive variety in her pieces, with sporty, slightly more loose-fitting menswear-inspired looks alongside her signature dresses in neutral colors with pops of orangey-reds. The perfect tailoring was still there, but this time, the looks were more easy-breezy, which will undoubtedly create a bigger fan-base. Victoria Beckham’s designing talent at first surprised the fashion world, but her consistency in debuting beautiful collections has proved she’s here to hi ci ya, hold tight!

To see Victoria’s full collection, and the fabulous ones of the past, click here!