Nicole Kidman takes on the role of Grace Kelly

Nicole Kidman as Grace Kelly

Fairytales have the sad rep of being too good to be true, and every time we (female kind) start daydreaming about our own “happily ever afters,” that cruel, nasty heartbreaker (reality) reminds us that fairytales are just that…tales. And after we’re sent a bitter sting to the heart, we try to accept the fact that our lives aren’t a Disney movie and the only time we have a shot at being a princess is once a year on Halloween, and lets be honest… the whole slutty princess thing kind of contradicts the notion of royal elegance. Hmmph. What’s a girl to do?!

The lovely princess herself, Grace Kelly

But we’re forgetting the most important thing here, ladies. Fairytales DO exist! We had a recent reminder last year when Kate Middleton (who reporters referred to as a former “commoner” – real fairytale lingo!married Prince William and we all swooned. And now, thanks to Nicole Kidman’s upcoming film portrayal of Grace Kelly, the iconic Hollywood beauty turned Princess of Monaco, we’re reminded once again that fairytales DO come true!

Although the Olivier Dahan-directed biopic entitled, Grace of Monaco, doesn’t hit theaters until 2014, photos of Nicole Kidman on set as Grace Kelly have hit the web and they’re gorgeous! The clothes, the jewels, the hair…they’re all spot on, and who better to play an elegant, regal, and…ahem…”grace“-ful movie-star-turned-princess than Nicole? Doppleganger alert for sure! Reportedly Emily Blunt, Reese

Double-take! Nicole as Grace!

Witherspoon, Charlize Theron, Amy Adams, Gwyneth Paltrow, January Jones, and a bunch of other blonde beauties were all gunning for the role, but I think Nicole will be the perfect fit, don’t you?

The film will take place in the early 1960’s, when Grace Kelly became the wife of Monaco’s Prince Rainier III, and became involved in her husband’s dispute with France’s Charles De Gaulle concerning tax laws. Honestly, I can’t say I got super hooked by the political aspect of the film, but let’s face it – you know it’s gonna be visually stunning. They’ve been filming in Monte Carlo, St. Barts, and, of course, Monaco (hideous places for sure), and with Olivier Dahan, who directed Marion Cotillard as Edith Piaf in the stunning and brilliant film, La Vie en Rose (which earned the actress an Oscar), behind the lens, you know the story will be done right.

I am so excited for this! And you know what? Screw it! I’m still gonna hold out for my knight in shining armor! And like every other girl, I have my fair shot at becoming a princess! I mean, gawd knows I already have the “commoner” role down pat!