If Your Guy is Ringing in the New Year Drinking THIS…DUMP HIM…IMMEDIATELY!

We’ve all heard our fair share of bizarre beverages:

– The bacon-flavored vodka…the pickle-flavored vodka…the PB&J-flavored vodka!…the donut-flavored vodka!!!…(uh-oh… this is making me hungry. There must be something wrong with me. Erlack! Food and alcohol MUST. REMAIN. SEPARATE. ENTITIES…unless you have a really rough night in which they do tend to become one. Ew. Sorry. Gross.)

– What about the tequila with a REAL scorpion at the bottom of the bottle?! (One of my friends actually ate the scorpion. Normally, the actions of my friends discussed in my posts would earn them asterisks next to their names with the warning “name has been changed” for their protection, but this scorpion-eating event earned Courtney her ‘Bad-Ass’ badge which she’ll display proudly! You go, Girl!)


Alexa, Playmate of the Year 2012, and face (or rather boobs) of G-Spirits’ breast-laced whiskey

Now how about this, my friends? A good ole bottle of boob booze!

Uh, come again?

The makers of German liquor company, G-Spirits, have combined two of man’s greatest loves – nunga-nungas

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Now here’s some for us ladies!

(a.k.a. breast-es-ses) and alcohol. (Now before you get all mad at me for my sexist stereotyping, I’d like to remind you that G-Spirits has already beaten me to the punch with this.)

For upwards of $150 or more, you can drink booze that’s been poured over a naked woman’s breasts. Not just any woman’s breasts, my friends, a playmate’s naked breasts. Ooh la la! How appetizing! You’ll even get to see how this magical process happens, courtesy of the nude photo that serves as each bottle’s label! You can choose your fave…Alexa (Whiskey), Amina (Rum), or Evelin (Vodka). *Warning* – *Names have been changed for their protection…and reputation.*

The only next step is to come out with a special drink for tha ladiezz! Penis-dipped Patrón, anyone?


I think it’s safe to say that for any man that purchases this drink, this breast-laced liquor is the closest he’ll ever come to boobs again. Actually, by drinking this he’ll make his wildest dreams come true! He’ll become the biggest BOOB of all!