Celebrities Read Their Hate Tweets On Jimmy Kimmel

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Selena Gomez reads a not-so-nice tweet

I’ll admit it…I’m a bit celebrity-obsessed! I follow who they’re dating, what they’re wearing, where they’re going, what they’re doing, and, like everyone else, wanted to be somewhere in Beyonce’s vicinity when she first heard the news that Kimye (ugh..the name!) is pregnant. (Was there a Sasha Fierce eye roll? What does she think about this whole thing? Does she even care? She’s way too cool to care, but I like to think of her holding baby Blue, cooing, ‘Are these two freakin’ cereal?!”)

After years of following the news regarding the members of the ever-fascinating, ever-exclusive Hollywood club, I’ve learned one thing. Celebrities…they’re not just like us. Not even close. Who are we kidding? Their lives are far from normal and as much as we tell ourselves that they, too, put their pants on just like us and use the bathroom just like us, let’s not forget those pants are couple-hundred-dollar designer jeans and their biggest problem concerning bathrooms is which of their beautiful bathrooms to use!

Despite the fact that celebrities are about as close to us as the nearest planet, two things that bring them a little bit closer toLogo-Twitter Earth are when they make fun of or laugh at themselves…and Twitter. Jimmy Kimmel has combined the two in a brilliant segment on his late-night show called, Mean Tweets, where he has his celebrity guests read hateful (and I mean hateful) comments tweeted at them. Selena Gomez, Jessica Biel, Zooey Deschanel, Will Ferrell and dozens of other big names fall victim to tweeting haters and, not to mention, total weirdo nutjobs. How do they respond? In the best possible way they could…with humor, of course!

Celebrities…they’re not just like us, but with all the weird crap they have to put up with, I’m guessing they’d really like to be.

Watch celebrities read their Mean Tweets!