It’s Here! It’s Here! The Trailer for Beyoncé’s Upcoming HBO Documentary!

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Empress Bey

Beyoncé just cannot leave us alone lately! That GQ cover…her upcoming Super Bowl performance…the news that she’ll be performing with Destiny’s Child during her Super Bowl appearance…her new H&M partnership…I finally had to call her and be like, “SHEESH LUISH, BEY, GIVE IT A REST!”

HA! I’m totally kidding. Like I’m sick of Beyoncé. Pshh! I think I speak for all Bey fans (and Clueless fans for that matter) when I say, “As IF!”

That’s why when the trailer for her new upcoming HBO documentary (premiering February 16th at 9pm) hit the Internet today I said, “Thank GAWD!” It had been almost two days since I last heard anything about Empress Bey. I was beginning to have Beyoncé withdrawals, you guys! 

Her new documentary will be called, Life Is But A Dream (chills), and if you don’t have HBO yet I suggest you order it because you’re missing out. This documentary is going to be epic, for sure, but HBO is essential if you’re interested in watching any good TV. Order Showtime too, just to be safe. And Cinemax. Just buy the whole package, okay?! Trust me on this.

So here it is! The trailer for Beyoncé’s Life Is But A Dream! (Ooohmyyygaaaaaawd!)