I Watched ‘The Carrie Diaries’ and Loved It…So Sue Me


SJP as the original Carrie Bradshaw, left, and AnnaSophia Robb as teenage Carrie, right

There comes a time in everyone’s life (sometimes many times) when one is faced with a difficult decision. In these challenging situations, one may seek a higher power for guidance. As for me, when I find myself in dire times, I simply ask “WWCBD? (What Would Carrie Bradshaw Do?)”

When it was announced that there’d be a new TV series about Carrie Bradshaw that wasn’t going to be called Sex and the City: Re-Released, my first words were, to put it delicately, “Oh hellll no!” Granted, it was said to be a sort of prequel to Sex and the City, depicting Carrie Bradshaw as a teenager and based on a book written by the same author who actually wrote Sex and the City (Candace Bushnell), but I still couldn’t ignore the voice in my head screaming, “It’ll ruin EVERYTHING!” 

There was a part of me that was curious, though. What if the show is amazing? What if it could fill the gaping hole in my life that was once occupied by the original?

Last night The Carrie Diaries premiered on The CW, but days before it aired I found myself asking, “WWCBD?” When I realized shopping wouldn’t solve my dilemma (ugh…the one time it wouldn’t help me), I had to seek another answer. Luckily one came…from Carrie Bradshaw herself, the great Sarah Jessica Parker.


AnnaSophia as Carrie

During the press tour for the new show, The Carrie Diaries star, AnnaSophia Robb, announced that she personally received SJP’s blessing. Apparently the original Carrie Bradshaw sent her “a very lovely note” with words of encouragement, saying “how excited she was” for AnnaSophia to take on the role of a young Carrie (Celebuzz.com). After I read that I knew I could watch the show.

So I watched the premiere. And I loved it! Seriously! Here’s why:

AnnaSophia Robb is the cutest person on the planet (with the most amazing eyebrows, I might add), making it incredibly easy to fall in love with her, just like we did with the original Carrie Bradshaw. She’s also a genuinely good actress and, believe it or not, she reminds me of the real Carrie! How?


Austin Butler, who plays Sebastian, Carrie’s love interest

1. She has Carrie’s confidence. Remember how Carrie never had a problem approaching guys or finding really witty, cute things to say upon meeting them? (Think of her first time meeting that Alcoholics Anonymous guy, or Aidan, or Burger, or Alexander, or how she always was with Big). The new Carrie is the same, especially during her scenes with her love interest, Sebastian Kydd (played by cutie and boyfriend to Vanessa Hudgens, Austin Butler).

2. She acts the same way Carrie always did when it came to her friendships. In certain scenes from The Carrie Diaries, you see how the character really interacts with her friends. When they have relationship problems they go to Carrie for advice, just like Charlotte, Miranda, and Samantha did (well, when Samantha actually had relationships), and the new Carrie is the same as the original – super supportive but honest. In other words, Carrie would never deny there was trouble in paradise if there actually was trouble in paradise, but she’d give you a hug and help you work through it. She was also the first to tell you you were being ridiculous if you were overreacting about something. This was one of my favorite qualities about her.

3. AnnaSophia’s got the hair. It’s “c-c-curly.” It’s wild. It’s so Carrie!

4. The witty writing and Carrie’s charming use of metaphors are there, just like in the original show. I’m hoping there’ll be no shortage of puns, either. Carrie’s not Carrie without her puns!

5. And the fashion! THE FASHION! So far it’s great! I loved the nod (or perhaps precursor?) to the famous “Carrie Necklace” – teenage Carrie carries around a monogrammed purse – and we see Carrie’s first experience at discount heaven, Century 21! (Remember when Carrie re-visits the store in Sex and the City in the episode “Hop, Skip, and a Week”?) Eric Daman, who worked on Gossip Girl, is the costume designer for The Carrie Diaries, and you know he won’t let us down. He was Patricia Field’s assistant on Sex and the City, so if Pat Field can’t be there, he’s the man for the job! 

There are a few things I don’t like (so far) about the show, though. For one, the Carrie we know didn’t grow up with a father. He left her and her mother when Carrie was a little girl (we’re told this in the Sex and the City episode, “A Vogue Idea”). In The Carrie Diaries, Carrie’s dad is around and her mom is the one out of the picture (she recently passed away from cancer). The Carrie of The Carrie Diaries also has a sister, while the Carrie we know was supposedly an only child.

The Carrie Diaries focuses on sex, but not to the extent that Sex and the City did. Thank gawd, right?! We don’t want to be pervs, guys. These characters are supposed to be, like, twelve! (Sixteen, actually, but whatever. They’re too young! They’re not ready to be Samanthas!)

Just like SJP, I’m sending love to AnnaSophia and hoping this show works out! Watch the pilot here and see if you agree that, though it could never replace our beloved Sex and the City, we should try once again to let ourselves get “Carrie-d” away. And, hey, maybe it’ll be pun!

(Harharhar! GAAAH! I LOVE PUNS!)