Target Hits The Bullseye With Peter Pilotto Collaboration

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Peter Pilotto for Target
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Just when I’ve finally managed to create a weekly budget for myself (including a very reasonable makeup allowance…bare essentials only…and by that I mean I can buy all the makeup I want as long as it’s Bare Escentuals only) London-based fashion label Peter Pilotto (my fave fave faaave) had to come along and eff it all up! Eff, of course, stands for fashion, the fiercest of all f-bombs.

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Blouse $34.99 Skirt $34.99 (Target)
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Peter Pilotto and design partner Christopher De Vos are about to launch their highly antici-printed capsule collection with some fancy pants company called Tarjay. Totally exclusive and totally expensive. Top drawer, top droooor as my good friend T.T. calls it. In other words, way way way out of my budget. Those bastahds.

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Bikini Crop Top $24.99 Skirt $34.99
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Oh…wait a minute…sources tell me that the collection will also be available at TargetThank GAHD. It won’t be expensive at all! It will definitely be within my weekly budget! And I say this with total and absolute uncertainty. God forgive me for I will spend. But of course it will be money vair vair well spent! What am I supposed to do, walk around naked in old clothes?! Wh-wh-wh-what are you, insane?!

Target, as you know, is quite fond of the big designer collabs and quite good at picking which designers to collab with! Phillip Lim, Prabal Gurung, Zac Posen, Proenza Schouler…and those are just the Ps! And now…Peter Pilotto, another “P” that’s truly the shit.

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Moto Jacket $59.99 Cropped Sweater $29.99 Short $29.99
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While Pilotto specializes in prints and textiles (they don’t call him the Prince of Prints for nothin’!) De Vos focuses on silhouette and drape, resulting in delicious designs that are so…as my granny says…G-D good they will make your eyes explode…but in the good way, guys.

There’s also no fear that this less-expensive collection by the fabulous fashion label will be any less amazing than Peter Pilotto’s high-end collections. You know why? Because I’m showing you right here, ya crazies, and you can see that it’s good! Like…guuuud good. Ah little bit ah floral, a little bit ah stripes, ah little bit ah lace, a little bit ah check, and a LOT-ah bit ah color. Oh yeah, baby. It’s AWWN.

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Dress $69.99 Shirt $19.99
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Get it all, and by all I mean, anything you can possibly get your hands on because it will be sold out in like three seconds this Sunday, February 9 in-store or online! This weekend! This weekend! The Big Red Bullseye will also be partnering with online luxury retailer, in selling this collection, so you know it’s big doings. You guyssssss, this could be Target’s best collaboration yet!


Can’t get enough of Peter Pilotto? Check out all of the designing duo’s past collections at Trust me, they are definitely worth checking out.