A Beyoncé-Themed V-Day is the Best Kind of V-Day

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Image via Tumblr (imwithkanye)

Oh Valentine’s Day, how I lovehate you so. On one (engagement-ring-lacking) hand it’s a day for single gals like moi to binge on massive amounts of chocolate without judgement. On the other hand, it’s a day for single gals like moi to cry into massive amounts of chocolate because I had to be the one to buy myself the chocolate. But ho hum pigs bum I still get chocolate and that’s really the lesson here, am I right?

However, I am willing to expand not only my waistline but also my palate this Valentine’s Day by eating something other than chocolate and my feelings, thanks to a restaurant in Brooklyn that’ll be serving up a whole lotta brilliant on February 14th.

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Image via beyonce.com

Here’s the scoop. Italian restaurant, Brucie, located in JayYoncé Town (a.k.a. Brooklyn) will be offering a Valentine’s menu that’s entirely Beyoncé themed!

Whaaaaaaat. Yoncé will literally be all on (and in) our mouths like liquah. Like like liquah like like like liquah.

Is this not the greatest thing you’ve ever heardddd?! And guess what the menu’s tagline is! “We woke up in the kitchen sayin’ how the hell did this shit happen, oh baby…” Ohmygawd ohmygawd I’m DYING

Valentine’s lovers and Yoncé lovers alike will be able to feast on entrees such as:

  • SURF BOARD – deviled bone marrow, root vegetables, bone broth bathtub
  • I AM PASTA FIERCE – jalapeno pappardelle, puttanesca, gold leaf 
  • BUGA-BOUILLABAISSE – house blood sausage, lobster, clams, squid ink aioli


  • BREASTINY’S CHILD – veal breast braciole, pickled fig, sopresatta, goat yogurt 


Okay, not gonna lie, some of these dishes sound kinda scary. I’m not quite sure what “deviled bone marrow” even is! But you know what? I don’t even cayah, I’ll be up in this restaurant February 14th like hello I’m HERE. I’m here ALONE.

Oh yeezus…I’ll be drinkin’…I’ll be drinkin’.

Wanna check out the full menu? Click here! See you there, lovaaaaahs!