About the Girls

Hello, Lovelies! Welcome to The Camisole Ribbon! I’m Penelope! I run this blog along with my two best girlfriends, Annie and Bree, and we are so excited to meet you! I run “Penelope’s Department,” where you’ll find all things relating to fashion and beauty! These are my two biggest passions, making me what you’d call a “bona fide girly girl.” If I could live anywhere it’d be in a local Sephora, using the pages of my countless beauty and fashion magazines as some fabulous wallpaper. You’ll never catch me without my favorite lippy, bronzer, and mascara (NARS lip gloss in ‘Super Orgasm,’ Too Faced Caribbean in a Compact – Snow Bunny, and Lancôme Hypnôse Doll Lashes Mascara…in case you were wondering)! Favorite artist? The incredible and flawless, Beyonce Knowles. Favorite designer? Diane von Furstenberg. Favorite movie? Bridget Jones’s Diary. Zodiac sign? Libra! Favorite accessory? Necklaces, necklaces, necklaces! And my dream man? Tom Ford. Sure, he’s gay, but we’re soulmates!

The name’s Annabelle. Penelope and Bree call me Annie, but no one else is allowed to call me that. It makes me sound like that frizzy-haired redhead that wouldn’t stop singing. I write about music and weird things I find on the internet for “Annabelle’s Domain.” If you want to talk about pink ponies talk to Penelope, and I only listen to Bree drag on about dudes and celebs because she’s the only one that’ll watch all the superhero films with me. Penelope told me I should tell you “fun facts” about myself. That’s the term she used – “fun facts.” So, um, here goes. I only listen to good music, my favorite books are well-written ones, and I’m allergic to dairy.

Hey guys! I’m Bree! Check out “Bree’s World” – it’s where I write about all the juiciest celebrity gossip and all the latest movie, tv, and entertainment news! I also try to tackle the ridiculously complicated world of love and dating. Although I’d like to credit years of watching Sex and the City, listening to my friends vent about guys, and going through my own devastating heartbreaks as experiential wisdom, when it comes to guys and love, I still haven’t a clue. Someday hopefully I’ll figure it all out, but until then the only thing I can do is get out there, hopefully have some fab adventures, and report back. I hope you’ll join me in having a chat! What I do know is this: my idea of the perfect guy comes in the form of Ryan Gosling, my dream destination is St. Barts (if only for the celeb sightings!), I’m obsessed with everything on HBO (currently Girls and Game of Thrones are on my DVR list), and I worship the goddess that is Amy Poehler. I can’t wait to get to know you guys and have some fun!

Illustrations by the amazing Karen Hoots: http://www.hootsdesign.com/