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The most epic ice creamists EVER – The Chin Chin Laboratorists

I may be lactose intolerant, but since I am not totally insane, I still eat my fair share of ice cream. Granted, I need about 50 lactaid pills whenever I eat this frozen… Continue reading

Badass Fruits and Veggies

If parents around the world told children to carve their fruits and vegetables into badass skulls instead of simply just eating them, I think we’d find a lot more kids taking a liking… Continue reading

Brilliant Billboards

The best ads are supposed to grab your attention and pique your interest, hoping that if they can get a hook, they’ll be able to reel you in. Billboards are about the most… Continue reading

My Songs on Repeat

Rule of thumb regarding new, good tuneage: Don’t overplay. Well, rules are meant to be broken. These are my new favorite songs that I have on repeat. Feel free to have a listen.… Continue reading

New Music from Beach House

When I first heard Beach House, I filed them under the musical category, “relax” on my iPod. I listened to them when I was sleepy, and dubbed them my lullaby band. That is,… Continue reading

Timing is Everything

I like to photobomb as much as I possibly can. It brings a sense of artistry and spontaneity to an otherwise undoubtedly lame Facebook photo. You’re welcome, people! But photobombing is all about… Continue reading

NEW MUSIC: Hoodie Allen

Steven Markowitz, a.k.a. Hoodie Allen, has got a bomb new album out. It’s called All American, and it’s the 23-year-old rapper’s second EP. Made famous for his 2010 track, “You Are Not a Robot,”… Continue reading


Today’s G-Eazy’s 23rd birthday and if you don’t already know him, it’s about time you do. His real name, Gerald Earl Gillum, may carry as much cool-boy swag as Steve Urkel, but this… Continue reading

Blown Away

Sometimes when I need a good laugh, YouTubing “People Falling Down” usually does the trick. But once I saw these photos on Reddit of people in front of a giant wind cannon, my… Continue reading