Amy Poehler Gets Even More Awesome (Is that even possible?!)

Amy Poehler is one of my favorite people on earth. She stars as the utterly awesome Leslie Knope in Parks and Recreation (the best thing to emerge from NBC, in my opinion), and from… Continue reading

New Movie Trailer – Oz: The Great and Powerful

I have a confession to make and I think it has the potential to make me an enemy of classic American movie culture. Okay I’m just going to say it. I didn’t like The… Continue reading

It’s Time to Worship that Other Famous Knowles Sister

You guys know how much I love Beyoncé, but I am currently totally  girl-crushing on her sister, Solange. Solange Knowles has a cool factor of about…umm…a gagillion and infinity. A true indie chick, she rocks… Continue reading

The #1 Reason to Watch the 2012 Olympics

Me: Umm…yeah, hi. My name is Bree Davis and I’d like to book a one-way ticket to London, please?  OPERATOR: Okay, Miss. Are you sure you won’t be needing a round-trip ticket? Me: Nope! OPERATOR:… Continue reading

The most epic ice creamists EVER – The Chin Chin Laboratorists

I may be lactose intolerant, but since I am not totally insane, I still eat my fair share of ice cream. Granted, I need about 50 lactaid pills whenever I eat this frozen… Continue reading

Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week 2012, Better Known As “International Drool Week”

I’ve had a tough week, guys, and I’m guessing you have, too. Our computers have malfunctioned due to excessive drool dripping all over our keyboards and I think we’re finally just beginning to… Continue reading

Lana Del Rey next on Quentin Tarantino’s “Kill” List?!

Oh, I hope these rumors are true! UK’s The Sun is reporting that gorgeously-haunting songbird, Lana Del Rey, has been in talks with Harvey Weinstein about a possible acting career, and with Harvey… Continue reading

Can we just take a moment to worship Blake Lively in this Zuhair Murad dress?!

Okay, we all know Blake Lively is a gorgey porgey bombshell stunner but…HOLY HOT COUTURE! Where? The LA premiere of her new film, Savages. The dress? Zuhair Murad. The jewels? Lorraine Schwartz (naturally). The… Continue reading

Badass Fruits and Veggies

If parents around the world told children to carve their fruits and vegetables into badass skulls instead of simply just eating them, I think we’d find a lot more kids taking a liking… Continue reading

Did You Guys Watch the Beyoncé Awards Last Night? I mean, the BET Awards?

See, this is why I love BET. They know what’s important…or rather who’s important. On a daily basis I find myself asking, WWBD (What Would Beyoncé Do?) Most of the time I have to… Continue reading