Leo DiCaprio’s Supermodel GF Gives Us Mere Mortals Dating Advice

Erin Heatherton, one of Victoria’s Secret’s beautiful bombshells, sat down with Glamour to dish out a bit of dating advice for all us single dating gals. And she would know…she is dating our beloved Leo… Continue reading

Nora Ephron: Every Woman’s Woman

By now you’ve heard that Nora Ephron has passed away at the age of 71 from pneumonia, after a long, six-year battle with leukemia. Her professional credentials may read as follows: essayist, novelist,… Continue reading

Emma Stone’s been KILLIN’ It On the Carpet!

That’s it. They’re going to have to rename The Amazing Spider-man, The Amazing Emma Stone.This chick’s been absolutely dominating the red carpet recently. She’s currently on tour promoting her new film alongside Mr. Spidey himself,… Continue reading

Yves Saint Laurent…Oops! I Mean, Saint Laurent Paris!

Sure…right when the world finally learned how to correctly pronounce Yves Saint Laurent, they gotta go and change the name! “They” is actually the label’s new Creative Director and pretty much the man now in… Continue reading

Brilliant Billboards

The best ads are supposed to grab your attention and pique your interest, hoping that if they can get a hook, they’ll be able to reel you in. Billboards are about the most… Continue reading

Indulge in a bit of shoe porn courtesy of Charlotte Olympia

Okay, I confess! I confess!…I like looking at shoe porn. Phew! Glad I got that off my chest. I feel so much better now! As women, shoe addiction affects us all. It’s a… Continue reading

Oh em gee, there’s going to be a prequel to Monsters, Inc.!

I didn’t think my generation (those that saw the first Toy Story in theaters) could love Pixar any more, but then this little golden nugget of news came along! My fellow Pixar lovers, I am thrilled/excited/overjoyed/seriouslyobsessingover the prequel… Continue reading

Important Lady Life Lesson: How to Tie a Tie

There are moments when I absolutely relish being a girl: -When I get an enormous lurking lurker (the less cringe-worthy name for “zit”) and I have the right (and moral obligation…I don’t want… Continue reading

New Movie: Gangster Squad

Ryan Gosling, Sean Penn, Emma Stone, Josh Brolin… …I had you at Ryan Gosling, didn’t I? That’s what I thought. Oh, dear, sweet, little Gossy, you know it doesn’t matter to us what film… Continue reading

The Sexy Swede better known as Alexander Skarsgård

You know how some guys have really hot names? Ones that you hear and think, Wow, he just sounnnds beautiful! I Googled, “hot guy names” and 123,000,000 results came up so I’m pretty sure I’m not… Continue reading